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Poetry at Main Street Cafe

Poetry at Main Street Cafe

122 Main Street
North Easton, Massachusetts 02356

Poetry at Main Street Cafe 2nd Annual Poetry Contest!



  1. The contest will be open from  November 19th 2007-March 3rd 2008
  2. Contestants are to submit their entries to
  3. Entries may be on any topic, but no more then 20 lines in length and no more than 50 characters per line.  Contestants may submit no more than two poems each.
  4. The subjectline of the e-mail must read Dave L. Osgood (or DLO) poety submisson
  5. please give full name and town in your submisson.
  6. Poets must be from MA or RI



Poetry is its own reward!

Poetry readings the last Wednesday evening of each month (except December)

Hosted by Sean Theall

Sean Theall is not only your poetry host at Main Street Cafe, he is also the author of three of three chapbooks including Tag Your It! Adventures in Poetry Tag, The Poet's Address, and Gothic Verses: The Halloween Collection.  Click on the link above to learn more.   


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