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Poetry at Main Street Cafe

Poetry at Main Street Cafe

122 Main Street
North Easton, Massachusetts 02356



Lost in an unsympathetic wasteland,

They cared not, those that passed and heard her cry,

Friendless, the child reached out her timid hand,

But, indifferent, they just walked on by.

In the fair garden, she wandered alone

Searching for the fountain of old wisdom,

Hoping, wanting real love to take her home,

And found the waters of a man’s kingdom.

In awe and wonder there she stood wide-eyed,

And listened as he, with care, preached true facts.

He, confident, humble, and full of pride,

Said life, to its end, is a ceaseless tax.

Then, ever so gently, he gave her a hug.

And there with him, with joy, she embraced love.

By Marina Pickett.

©All rights reverved, March 2005.